... From the monitoring and auditing to the reorganization and optimization

Data network
Organization of corporate services
operation of computer equipment
Organization of exploitation of information technology
IT -Security

Data network company

  • Audit of the state of the network structure of the company
  • Development of technical documentation
  • Construction of local area network office
  • Creating a corporate data network
  • Providing access to Internet resources
  • Maintenance work on building networks
  • Operation of the customer's network

    Corporate Services

    • Service corporate directory
    • Network shared resources
    • Construction and operation of the service terminal access and public key infrastructure (PKI)
    • Installation, configuration and operation of corporate mail systems
    • Development, implementation and maintenance of corporate web - website
    • Development, implementation and operation of an enterprise portal

      Service of computer hardware

      • Maintenance of Computer Technology (SVT)
      • Correcting faults CBT
      • Repair CBT
      • Remote user support CBT
      • Modernization of CBT

        Organization of use of information technology (IT)

        • IT Survey, to assess the level of maturity and development of recommendations for operating IT companies
        • Building control systems operating activities in the operation of IT
        • Development of operational and technological IT regulations
        • Development of the regulations interaction between business units and IT

          Information Security

          • Scan the network and the services available on the vulnerability
          • Vulnerability Analysis and Risk Assessment
          • Development of recommendations to ensure the security of information systems (IS)
          • Organization of anti-virus protection - the choice of hardware and software platforms and deployment of the system to update the software and monitor the impact on performance.

About company

NG logic, www.nglogic.ru – russian software producer and integrator. Company delivers wide range of IT-services: SW-development,  system integration, consulting, sale of software from leading manufacturers. Specialists have competences in the most modern technologies (.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, MS SQL, MySQL, PHP, Exchange, WPF, WCF, RIA, SOA, SaaS) and methodologies (MSF, PMI PMBOK, ITIL, Scrum, eTOM, NGOSS).


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